• ciger kebap

    Ciger Kebap -

  • kofte

    Grilled Meatballs -

    Specially prepared meatballs served with rice.

  • Steak Grill

    Steak Grill -

  • adna son

    Adana Kebap -

  • DSC_0417

    Kebap Sarma Beyti -

  • Salmon Grill

    Salmon Fish Grilled -

  • cipura

    Seabream Fish Grill -

  • iskender kebap

    Iskender Kebab -

    A very famous Turkish kebab dish; thinly cut Doner Kebab basted with tomato sauce over pieces of pide bread and generously slathered with melted butter and yoghurt.

  • DSC_0089

    White Rice -

    Traditional Turkish white rice dish; cooked with butter.

  • bulgur

    Bulgur Rice -

    Traditional Turkish bulgur rice dish; cooked with tomato, onion and butter.

  • Chicken iskender

    Chicken Iskender -

    The famous Iskender kebab is prepared the same way as above with Chicken Doner.

  • Mixed Iskender -

    The famous Kebab dish is prepared the same way with Chicken and Meat Doner mix.

  • doner

    Meat Doner with Rice -

    Meat Doner served on a bad of white rice.

  • Untitled

    Chicken Doner with Rice -

    Chicken Doner served on a bed of white rice.

  • doner

    Meat Doner Dish -

    A generous size of Meat Doner plate served with rice.

  • Chicken Doner Dish -

    A generous size of Chicken Doner plate served with white rice.

  • metre kebap 1

    Half Meter Kebab -

    Hand-minced meat mixed

  • Kebab Istanbul -

    Kebab beyti wrapped in lavash served with yogurt, tomato sauce and rice.

  • Aubergine Kebap

    Aubergine Kebab -

    Special hand-minced meat marinated in spices served with grilled aubergines and hot pide.

  • Lamp chops

    Lamb Chops -

    Tender lamb chops grilled over fire served with rice

  • Grilled Chicken -

    Marianted boneless chicken served with rice.

  • Chicken Wings

    Chicken Wings -

    Marinated chicken wings served with rice.

  • chicken tikka

    Shish Chicken -

    Marinated chicken cubes served with rice

  • karisik kebap

    Mixed Grill -

    Shish chicken, chicken wings, adana kebab served with vegetables and white rice.